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Michael Krebber, Win McCarthy, Josephine Pryde, Trevor Shimizu​

Group show curated by Matt Moravec

March 15 until April 28, 2018

For the first show I organized with Marta in 2014 I included a poem I love from the San FranciscoRenaissance poet Kenneth Rexroth to accompany the work. The poem ends with the

words “common song like an angelic memory”. It’s a line I feel could have been the title for this show, though maybe a more fitting title would have been Even the Lightest Touch Leaves a Mark. Yet that doesn’t seem right either — if the work has a light touch maybe the title should too? The lightest touch...

I’ll call it: Michael Krebber, Win McCarthy, Josephine Pryde, Trevor Shimizu.

– Matt Moravec

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