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Alex Reynolds 2021

Alex Reynolds & Alma Söderberg, La mano que canta [The Hand that Sings], 2021, HD, colour, sound

Screenshot_Palais_2020_Alex Reynolds

Palais, 2020, HD, colour, sound, 34'40''


Como si fuera viento [As if it Were Wind], 2018, HD, colour, sound, 25'


Te oímos beber (epílogo) [We Can Hear You Drink (Epilogue)], 2018, Braille publication

Sequence 1 01010508

Alma's Song, 2018, HD, colour, sound, 7'57''

Alex Reynolds — Esta puerta, esta ventan

Un vals [A Waltz], 2017, Carpet on staircase, dimensions variable


Esta puerta, esta ventana [This Door, This Window], 2017, DCP, colour, stereo, 36'

Alex Reynolds — Palais

Palais, 2017, Black and white print, graphite on paper


Ver nieve [To See Snow], 2016, HD, colour, sound, 30'

Lull 2

Lull & Lull II, 2016 & 2017, Postcard that initiates a future telephone call, Edition of 25


De día [By Day], 2015, DV, colour, sound, 18'24''

Elma_Joeri Thity

Elma, 2016, Site-specific audio, 9'38''

Elizabet, Lena, Tobias, Kerstin, Besa, Rikard, Anki, 2013, Site-specific sound piece (7 audio tracks, c. 13', mp3 player and headphones, version in English and Swedish) 13'

Juana, 2013, HD, colour, sound, 13'

Spinario, 2012, 16mm transferred to HD, colour, sound, 24'3''

Boom, 2012, HD, colour, sound

Jeanne, 2012, Site-specific audio, 4'23''

Marta (Kajsa), Site-specific sound piece, CD player + wifi headphones, 3'56''

Te oímos beber [We Can Hear You Drink], 2011, Performance

Clara, 2010, Site-specific audio made up of 2 tracks, each on its own mp3 player + headphones

Una chica, un coche, una pistola [A Girl, A Car, A Gun], 2010, Theatrical production, Estruch Centre (Sabadell)

Nueve segundos de negro [Nine Seconds of Black], 2009, DV, colour, sound, 1'20''

Oveja Buey Viento [Sheep, Ox, Wind], 2009, HD, colour, sound, 18'30''

Sea Port Hostel, 2008, Performance

Three, 2008, Performance

Alex Reynolds

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